Starting your trip

On the Trip Planning page, you can drag and drop items into different sections.

Trips are comprised of cities (which are really any general region/destination you're planning on visiting), and transportation (Flight, Bus/Train, or Others).

Start building your trip by hovering on the plus button and selecting one of the options below in your trip on the "plan" page.

Once added, you can drag and drop them into whichever order you like, by hovering on them and clicking & dragging this button below:

When you click/drag the above, you can move that section of the trip like below:

Adding Cities

When searching for a city, a dropdown menu will appear where you can select the city you are looking for as you type it in the search bar.

Once you have selected the city you are searching for, you can start adding additional details.

Adding Dates

Add dates in the upper right date section of your location below:

Adding Accommodations

Add accommodations (which again, will appear in a dropdown menu), as well as dates of each accommodation, the cost, and link (to the Airbnb, Vrbo, Hostel, or Hotel you are staying at.)

  • You can also add in notes for your accommodations.

  • You can also add more than one accommodation to each city (ex. if you are moving locations, or different members of your travel crew are staying at different places).

Adding Activities

Add activities in a section below accommodations under the city you have chosen.

Within activities, you can add in notes, location, date, cost, and a links to that activity (you can see these icons on the bottom right).

Add as many headings or activities as you like by clicking on "+ activity" or "+ heading".

Vote on Activities

You can also “like” activities, essentially showing your trip collaborators that you are voting on that activity for that day or in that location.

Reorder & Move Activities

Lastly, you can drag and drop activities by clicking on the dots to the left of the activities if you want to change around the order of the trip. Essentially, all aspects of the app (in the trips tab and functionality) are fully customizable.

Transportation - Flights/Bus/Train/Other

For the transportation sections, you can add in your flight number, airline, train ticket number, bus number, etc, and link to the actual online transportation. You can add in your departure city and the departure date as well as your arrival city and arrival date.

From there, you can add in any notes, the cost of the transportation and any links you want to include.

You can also add in a connecting flight or transfer train/bus in a separate section under your initial flight section.

Reminder: all these sections are customizable and you can drag and drop them anywhere in your trip plan.

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