Travel Restrictions
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When you add a flight to your trip planner, a red "Travel Restrictions" button will appear on the top of the flight section with a settings icon.

Once you click on the button, a pop up will appear that will prompt you to add in your travel destinations and dates as well as the national passport you hold, your COVID-19 vaccination status, and the nature of your flight (one way or round trip).

Once this information has been entered, details regarding quarantine requirements, travel restrictions, COVID-19 testing, visa requirements, entry requirements, necessary documents, and additional information will pop up.

Here, you can see what restrictions look like, what documentation you may need to enter that country, information about masks and distancing, and whether or not you will need proof of vaccination.

You will be able to click into each of the documents needed to help assist you in gathering all necessary information prior to departure.


From this pop up screen, you will also be able to see the visa requirements (if any) to enter your destination. If there are visas needed to enter the country, you will be able to see details and purchase your visas through Pilot.

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