How-To Series: Creating A Trip
The canvas for your traveling masterpiece awaits!
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You want to get planning, so we’ve made it easy for you. Begin by clicking the orange Create a Trip button on the top right of your Trips dashboard. This will create a blank, unnamed itinerary.

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To ensure your trip is easy to identify, fill in the name of your trip in the upper left corner.
Names could be related to your destination (London Getaway), your activity (Pub Crawl in UK), or your reason for traveling (Bachelorette Weekend!)

Add the date range of your trip by clicking the “Add Dates” button. The date range selector will appear. Use arrows to progress to the correct month, and select your start date first by clicking the appropriate day. Clicking a second date will designate that as the end of your date range. Hit “Done” to confirm the date range.

The final step will be to add a cover photo. Clicking “Add a trip photo” will allow you to upload your own photo by clicking upload or by searching the Upslash library. To search the library type in your search term, then press enter.

Click the photo you wish to use and then you’re all set to start!

Ready for the next step? Check out how to Add Transportation to your trip.

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