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How-to Series: Adding Transportation

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You can add a transportation section to Pilot via your flight number, airline, train ticket number, bus number, etc, and link to the actual online transportation. You can add in your departure city and the departure date as well as your arrival city and arrival date.

A sample trip itinerary in the Pilot Social Trip Planner web app. The cursor is hovering over a button marked "Flight" to select the option to add a flight modal to the itinerary.

Adding Flights

There are two ways to add flights to your itinerary.

Auto flight search: This is best for tickets that are already purchased.
Just enter the airline code. Then select the date of your flight. We will search all flight data and find the correct flight and it adds to your itinerary.

In a trip itinerary, a grey flight modal is open for editing. The flight code "AC 858" is typed into a search bar under the title "Auto Flight Search". There is a button next to the search bar titled "Date" to add dates for the flight. Below this flight modal is another smaller grey modal that states "Add connecting flight".

In this example we've entered in Air Canada Flight 858.

You'll see underneath an ability to add a connecting flight so you can get your whole journey covered at once, click outside the box and your flight is now added to your itinerary.

Manual entry: Great for collaborative planning and presenting options.

You can also add flight details manually by clicking on add flight and then “enter flight details manually.”

You'll see options for airline code and flight number, departure city and arrival city. You are not required to fill in all fields. Please note, the information you enter will not be referenced with any flight data.

Enter in your departure and destination city. You may also use Airport codes if you are familiar. Select the appropriate location from the drop down menu. You can access the date picker by clicking “Date” then using the time selector.

In a sample trip itinerary, there is a grey flight modal open for editing with the title "Manual Flight Entry". There are fields below this with the flight code "AC858", departure info "Toronto (YYZ) Mar 10-11:41PM", and arrival info "London" filled out. Below the London field, a dropdown with suggested relevant geo locations is populated and ready to have one selected.

Clicking outside the box will close the flight editor and add the trip to your itinerary.

See our tutorial video for a more detailed view:

Adding Other Transportation Types

To add a bus, train, boat, or car trip, you will need to enter these details manually. You can follow the same steps as you would for manual flight entry above!

You can also add in a connecting flight or transfer train/bus in a separate section under your initial flight section.

Additional Features within Transportation panels:

The notes section will allow you to add additional information to the transportation panel. Click to type in this section.

A grey manual flight entry modal open for editing. The flight code, departure, and arrival information is filled in. Below this is an open area titled Notes, and 3 icons in the bottom right of a paperclip (to add files), a dollar sign (to add costs), and a link (to add a link).

The paperclip icon will allow you to attach files such as boarding passes. Click the icon to access, then drag and drop files or browser you computer in upload.

The dollar sign icon will allow you to add costs to the trip. Click the icon to access and type your amount. Clicking the currency will open up a list of currencies to change to. Please note that changing the currency does not convert the value inputted.

The link icon allows you to add a URL outside of your Pilot app with more information. Click the icon to access and type or copy/paste your link in the field provided.

Ready for the next step? Check out our Adding Accommodations article for more.

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