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How-To Series: Adding Accommodations
How-To Series: Adding Accommodations
Don't sleep on this helpful feature.
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Keep your accommodation right where you need it!

To add an accommodation to your trip:

Just select the add accommodation button underneath a city section. You must add a city in order for this option to appear.

Read more step-by-step instructions below or view the video version of the tutorial here:

From there, you can either start typing in the name of the place you'll be staying or type in a direct address.

Select the option that best suits you from the pop up below and you'll see it reflected on the map in the form of a map pin.

Add More Details to Your Accommodations

Within the accommodation sections, you can use the notes boxes below to add any relevant information for you or your trip mates. Use the files icon to attach any files, such as PDFs, to your accommodation.

The little date icon in the bottom right will be very helpful to include check in and check out times for your accommodation whether you’ll be staying at an Airbnb, a hotel, or a hostel.

The next icon is the dollar sign. Here you can enter the cost of your accommodation per night in the desired currency. Please note at this time, Pilot does not auto-convert currency values.

You can easily add another accommodation to a city by pressing the “+Accommodation” option and following the same steps as above.

View more of our tutorial series in our Help Centre.

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