How-To Series: Adding and Deleting
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We built Pilot to be as simple as possible for you to add and delete things from your itinerary.

To add a new item, you can click on the + button on the left, and select either a Destination, or a Transportation type panel.

A red arrow indicating the + button where you can add a Destination, Flight, Bus/Train, or Other transportation block in your Pilot Social Trip Planner itinerary.

If you select a Destination, you can then type in the gray box the destination you’re going to. A lot of options will pop up, so select the correct one! Once selected, new options will appear below and a pin will be added to the map.

The location "Manchester" entered into a Destination box in the Pilot itinerary. Automatic suggestions for specific geo-locations on the map for "Manchester" have auto-populated above to be selected.

You can then add accommodations, headings, and activities underneath your location.

Under the Manchester Destination Heading there are boxes to Add accommodation, Search deals, type in a New Headings or a new activity. There are also boxes next to the Manchester heading and New Heading box to Add dates.

Once added, you can drag and drop them into whichever order you like, by hovering on them and clicking & dragging this button below:

A circle around 6 dots to the left of the Destination heading of "Barcelona" indicates where you can click and hold to allow you to move items in your Pilot itinerary.

In order to delete something, hover over the box you want to delete and simply click the trashcan icon on the left. It’s that simple!

Next to an activity titled "Football game", there is a trash can icon to the far left to allow you to delete the item from your Pilot itinerary.

See our tutorial video for a more detailed view:

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