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How-To Series: Headings and Activities
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Within each destination section, you’ll be able to see space for headings and activities.

Headings are great to use to better segment your itinerary into manageable sizes. You can segment things by day, must do’s, things you’d like to try, or maybe foods that you want to eat while you’re there. Whatever you’d like!

Example of a Pilot app itinerary showing a Destination heading off London. To the right of the heading are the dates March 21st-26th. Underneath London there is an Accommodation box for 63 Prince's Square. Beneath this are 3 Headings of Must-dos, Museums, and Food to try. Each of the 3 headings has an option to add dates to the right, and under each headings are different activities listed.

Within headings, you can add a lot of different activities and attach specific locations to each of them if you so choose, by selecting a location from the pop up or drop down menu. No need to add a location if you don’t want to though!

Expanding on an activity will allow you to type in notes, add files, add dates, costs, or external links as well.

Must-dos Heading with the activity Big Ben underneath. The Big Ben activity has been clicked on so it shows the option to add notes, as well as 5 small icons in the bottom right of a paperclip (to add files), a map pin (to add a location), a calendar (to add dates), a dollar sign (to add cost), and a link (to add a link).

Clicking the +Activity button at the bottom of the section will add an activity within that heading, and clicking the +Heading button will add a whole new heading underneath.

Must-dos heading with 3 activities listed underneath. Under the list of activities on the left there is one small gray button that says + Activity, and another to the right of that that says + Heading.

Anybody who has been invited to your trip is able to make changes or edits to this and add their own headings and activities. This makes Pilot a great tool for collaborative trip planning!

Lastly, you can click on the heart icon beside each activity to show that’s something you like, or something you’d want to do or vote on.

Under a heading titled Day 1, there are two activities listed as Beach and Dinner. The Beach activity has a number 1 and red heart icon on its right, while the Dinner activity has an empty white heart with no number.

See our tutorial video for a more detailed view:

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